Friday, March 25, 2005

Sport und Spiel

I have no idea what to do with this blog. I orginally just wanted a place to store links for my own reference, but now that I've been linked to pigsandbattleships I feel obligated to post something.

I filled out a dozen brackets for the NCAA tournament this year, and I'm doing awful in 10 of them. Bucknell can kiss my ass in my opinion. I'm doing pretty well here, but my lofty rank of 284,424 on CBS Sportsline's pool isn't going to make Magic Johnson look over his shoulder anytime soon. When you fill out this many brackets, you have so many different combinations of teams advancing that it's impossbile to find anyone to root for in the first week. But now that I'm down to two brackets that haven't turned into complete turds, I can safely root for Illinois and North Carolina (the two teams I would've rooted for anyway).

For the record, my predictions for tonight:

Duke over Michigan State (I still think Duke isn't worthy of a top seed, but they haven't played anyone particularly tough yet).

North Carolina St. over Wisconsin (Hodge seems like he's on a mission, and Wisconsin just bores the hell out of me).

Utah over Kentucky (The Utes are playing with fire in their bellies and the Wildcats have been lackluster).

North Carolina over Villanova (Would've picked 'Nova over any other team tonight though).

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