Thursday, April 14, 2005

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I have an unprecedented 9 fantasy baseball teams this year. One at CBS Sportsline (the only one with weekly roster changes), two at ESPN (one's a keeper h2h, the other is 5x5), and six at Yahoo! (incl. 2 winner's leagues). I think there are money/prizes involved in the CBS and ESPN leagues, but the only leagues I really care about are the Yahoo! league with my RT friends and the Yahoo! league with my local friends, both of which have been running for a few years now.

Why so many leagues? I wanted to experiment with different formats. One league consists of 20 teams managed by regulars at MockDraftCentral, and affords me the chance to play around with marginal players like Luis Rivas and Willie Taveras. Another league uses no less than 22 categories, including Holds, GIDP, and Errors.

Believe it or not, it's not too difficult to manage this many leagues. As I mentioned above, one league only allows weekly roster changes, so it's pretty low maintenance. Most of the roto-leagues have maximum games played and innings pitched settings that thwart active roster rotation. So there's really only the h2h leagues where I have to be on top of things every day. The only bad thing about having so many teams is that it makes it difficult to root for players. It seems like every game involves a few of my players, and how am I supposed to react if Albert Pujols (owned on two teams) homers off Guillermo Mota (two also)? To help prioritize my rooting interests, I made a master list of all the players owned on all of my teams.

Player (# of teams)
David Wright (6)
Michael Cuddyer (6)
Ben Sheets (5)
Erubiel Durazo (5)
Adam Dunn (4)
Danny Haren (4)
Greg Maddux (4)
Khalil Greene (4)
Miguel Cabrera (4)
Todd Helton (4)
Brady Clark (3)
Chin-hui Tsao (3)
Eric Chavez (3)
Jason Kendall (3)
Jeremy Affeldt (3)
Jose Reyes (3)
Kevin Mench (3)
Livan Hernandez (3)
Willie Taveres (3)
A.J. Burnett (2)
A.J. Pierzynski (2)
Albert Pujols (2)
B.J. Ryan (2)
Brad Wilkerson (2)
Brandon Inge (2)
Bronson Arroyo (2)
Corey Patterson (2)
David Roberts (2)
Francisco Cordero (2)
Francisco Rodriguez (2)
Guillermo Mota (2)
Jeremy Bonderman (2)
Johnny Estrada (2)
Josh Beckett (2)
Lance Berkman (2)
Lyle Overbay (2)
Matt Holliday (2)
Miguel Batista (2)
Miguel Tejada (2)
Nick Lowry (2)
Nomar Garciaparra (2)
Oliver Perez (2)
Orlando Hernandez (2)
Rafael Furcal (2)
Rich Harden (2)
Roy Halladay (2)
Scott Kazmir (2)
Shingo Takatsu (2)
Tim Hudson (2)
Trot Nixon (2)
Victor Martinez (2)
Adam Eaton
Alfonso Soriano
Andruw Jones
Andy Pettitte
Aubrey Huff
Austin Kearns
Billy Wagner
Bobby Abreu
Brad Lidge
Brad Penny
Brad Radke
Brandon Lyon
Brian Giles
Brian Roberts
C.C. Sabathia
Carl Crawford
Carlos Guillen
Carlos Lee
Carlos Zambrano
Chone Figgins
Chris Carpenter
Clint Barmes
Damaso Marte
D'Angelo Jimenez
Eddie Guardado
Freddie Garcia
Geoff Jenkins
Ichiro Suzuki
J.D. Drew
Jason Bay
Jason Giambi
Javier Vazquez
Jimmy Rollins
Joe Blanton
Joe Borowski
Joe Mauer
Joe Nathan
Joel Pineiro
John Thomson
Jon Lieber
Jorge Cantu
Justin Morneau
Kerry Wood
Luis Rivas
Manny Ramirez
Mark Bellhorn
Mark Buehrle
Mark Mulder
Mike Adams
Mike Mussina
Odalis Perez
Pat Burrell
Pedro Martinez
Reggie Sanders
Richard Hidalgo
Roy Oswalt
Ryan Klesko
Salomon Torres
Sammy Sosa
Scott Podsednik
Shawn Green
Steve Finley
Tom Gordon
Trevor Hoffman
Ugueth Urbina
Vernon Wells
Vladimir Guerrero
Zack Greinke


I ended up with David Wright so many times because I saw third base as a particularly deep position this year, with the top 12 players all worth starting. Thus, I usually filled other needs in the draft and didn't get around to selecting a third baseman until at least the tenth round, by which time Wright was the best available option. I guess the Rolen comparisons are holding up so far, inasmuch as Rolen sucks this year and Wright hasn't been much better. I think he'll come around though. I have Cuddyer six times because he's always available in the 20th round and how can you pass up a guy who plays 1B/2B/3B/OF with 20 home run potential that late? He's an excellent spot starter.

My A's bias is probably showing in Durazo cropping up five times. He's been a dud so far, too. I may cut him soon if he doesn't come around. If your only eligibility is in the Util position, you've got to bat higher than .161 to retain a roster spot.

Adam Dunn (you can start stealing those bases you promised any time bud)
Dan Haren (more A's bias!)
Greg Maddux (I'm not worried yet)
Khalil Greene (was ranked absurdly low by Yahoo!)
Chin-hui Tsao (the result of my tendency to wait until the last second to select closers, especially if there's been a run)
Jason Kendall, Eric Chavez (A's bias... but anyone would want them on his team)
Kevin Mench (not worth much if he doesn't play every day)
Livan Hernandez (underrated; I scooped him up later than I ought've in a few drafts)
Willie Taveras (I think he will keep his roster spot when Berkman returns, but I usually have Berkman on the same teams I have Taveras, just in case)
Jeremy Bonderman (I'm skeptical)
Josh Beckett (not skeptical; kicking myself for not drafting him more often)
Miguel Tejada (my first pick in the 20-team league, you have to love a guy who's not only clearly the best player in a shallow position, but who never misses a game either)
Oliver Perez (he will come around --he just had a short Spring)
Orlando Hernandez (Hernandez bias!)
Scott Kazmir (I'm officially worried)
Trot Nixon (worth platooning --just have to be diligent in checking to see if the Sox are facing a lefty)
Victor Martinez (very disappointing so far --a good example of why you shouldn't overreach at catcher)
Adam Eaton (on the waiver in most leagues, but shouldn't be)
Brian Roberts (must've been eating his Wheaties in the offseason)
Ichiro Suzuki (will still be hitting .400 at the All-Star break)
Javier Vazquez (we'll see how he does today)
Joe Blanton (these A's pitchers are good for your WHIP)
Justin Morneau (I hear he has dropsy now)
Pat Burrell (wish I'd picked him up in more leagues, still pissed that he burned me two years ago)

And that concludes another edition of what's unintentionally becoming my sportsblog. I promise no more NCAA predictions ever.

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